TOR Projects

Photographic Courses – Mountain & Moorland Photography

Location; Peak District, South Wales, Lake District, Scotland and Ireland

Designed for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, rambler, fell walker or mountaineer alike, these courses enable you to immerse yourself in some of the finest mountain scenery and photographic opportunities available in the UK.

Time is spent considering picture subject, composition, aspect, lighting, and location within the broader context of the hill or mountain day, the choice and timing of route and weather conditions. Overall the aim is to enhance your photography in order to really capture those magical moments when walking outdoors.

Dates and locations are paired to maximise the best potential for mountain photography. However, as with all outdoor and mountain photography the prevailing weather may hinder as well as enhance conditions. You may bring your own camera or use one of our Digital SLR’s.

Courses are One, Two or Three Day and are limited to a maximum of 3* people.

* larger groups by arrangement.