TOR Projects

A hands-on, interactive, mountaineering road show guarenteed to give your students a unique experience about mountains & mountaineering.

The road show is based around Climbing & Mountaineering in the British Isles, Europe and the American 'Greater Ranges'. Developed from over 40 years in the world of Outdoor Pursuits, Photography and Teaching it brings a unique blend of experience, insight, and information into your classrooms.

The different units reflect varying aspects of climbing and mountaineering and can be taken as a stand alone item or mixed to give a wider inter-related theme. The flexibility of the road show means a unique programme to best suit your organisation, school or students requirements.

The programme is based around the following:

Spider-Monkey Mobile Climbing Wall

A seven metre mobile climbing wall, which has 4 different climbing faces and a combination of over 13 individual climbs.  The wall can be used with either auto-belays or rigged for instruction with traditional top-rope belays. The wall comes complete with a qualified instructor, all relevant safety & climbing equipment and a full risk assessment. Suitable for all ages from six years and upwards.

Mountaineering & Expeditions

Hands-on workshops and sessions, looking at the equipment, food and planning of mountaineering & climbing expeditions. Interspersed with illustrations, & experiences from a variety of UK and overseas expeditions including two of the worlds 'Severn Summits'. At 6194m, the Alaskan peak, Mount Denali & Aconcagua, 6960m, in Argentina, the highest peaks in North & South America.

Mountain & Climbing Photography

Workshops and illustrations on how, when and where to take photographs, from landscape and mountains to very much smaller! Discussing the different techniques, equipment and planning that relate to taking photographs, this will provide an informative, relaxed atmosphere, as to how to make the most of opportunities to photograph the world outdoors. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own cameras to work with.

Mountain Safety, First-Aid & Rescue

A relaxed informative overview of mountain safety through a mixture of equipment, first aid knowledge, rescue illustrations and demonstrations. A chance to experience, problem solve and learn about the safety, health & rescue issues that relate to mountaineering.

Illustrated Talks

A number of illustrated talks are available, supported with exhibits of equipment. Ideal as a formal talk or as the basis of an enjoyable and relaxed social, fund raising event. Details of talks are available on request.