TOR Projects

Mountain Photography

An informative 'humorous stroll and climb' through the hills and valleys of the Peak District, mountains of Wales, Scotland, and overseas. Share the landscapes, views, travels and experiences of a mountaineer, captured, through the camera.

Alaskan Trail

A personal account of an ascent of the 20,300 ft Mount Denali (McKinley), North America's highest peak. It covers the 3 weeks spent climbing the mountain and then the contrast of walking back-country on an old Indian trail, through valleys inhabited by moose and black bears in the Chugach Mountains.

Aconcagua: South Americas Highest Peak

Journey on the 3 week trek through the valleys and mountains of the Argentine Andes to the summit of south America's highest peak at nearly 23,000 ft.

Peru – White Mountains

Expeditioning in the Peruvian Andes with a group of young people from the UK. A journey from the towns of the valleys, through the hillside villages to the high snow capped mountains and glaciers.

Hebridian Isle of Mull

Featuring walks through the historic Burg estate & out along the dramatic coastline of the Ardmenach peninsular and south coast of the island. The talk explores its turbulent historical and geographical past, its impact on the landscape and the stunning photographical opportunities it presents.

Mountain Rescue

The Peak District provides the backdrop to this humorous and informative , insiders perspective, about one of the least known and understood aspects of rescue work in the UK.